John P. Stoppi Jr., PE, FPE

John P. Stoppi Jr., PE, FPE is a trade name for John P. Stoppi Jr., PE, FPE, and represents services led by and within responsible charge by John P. Stoppi Jr., PE, FPE that are supplemented by other designers, draftsman, engineers, or code professionals.  For some projects, such teams are formed in the spirit of efficiency, and at other times, to enhance the value of the project.  Some projects are delivered solely by Mr. Stoppi.

John P. Stoppi Jr., PE, FPE has the expertise across all of the building trades to deliver projects:  architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire sprinklers, and fire alarm systems.  John P. Stoppi Jr., PE, FPE can prepare stamped plans for permitting and bidding, as well as shop drawings for fire systems.  Architectural and structural plans and engineering are only delivered for smaller projects.  MEP/FP/FA engineering can be done for larger projects.

John P. Stoppi Jr., PE, FPE can perform fire protection engineering and code consulting across all project types, sizes, and occupancies.  Specialized fire protection engineering can be performed by hazardous materials analyses, high piled combustible storage analyzes, allowable building height and area, required construction type, smoke control systems, passive fire protection systems, and active fire protection systems.  Specialized building code consulting can be performed for accessible route, accessibility details, required number of bathrooms and fixtures, required mechanical ventilation, location and extent of electrically hazardous areas, emergency and standby power requirements, elevator protection and lobby consulting, and energy efficiency requirements.

John P. Stoppi Jr., PE, FPE has a sister agency, Saturn Inspection Agency that is certified and licensed to perform building code enforcement in Pennsylvania.  This experience as a building code enforcement officer has led to unparalleled experience as a building code consultant professional.

John P. Stoppi Jr., PE, FPE's vision is "to provide harmonious engineering and consulting services to all clients who are seeking unique life safety and building code solutions."
John P. Stoppi Jr., PE, FPE's mission is "to provide the best combination of breadth and depth of interdisciplinary engineering services with a core focus on total building code compliance and life safety solutions in the built environment."


The Society of Fire Protection Engineers

The National Fire Protection Association

The International Code Council

The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry

The Pennsylvania State University

The University of Maryland

The North Carolina Office of State Fire Marshal

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

The American Society of Civil Engineers

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