Below is a select sample of some of John P. Stoppi Jr., PE, FPE.’s projects that illustrates the range of services provided to various clients.

Architectural Engineering

63 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

Served as the engineer of record for sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, mechanical systems, and plumbing systems for a tenant fit out for a office and recording studio that had strict AHJs: the Brooklyn Navy Yard as the Landlord, the NYC Department of Buildings, and the FDNY. Delivered four different architectural engineering disciplines to submit with the architect to obtain permit approval.

Residential Solar PV Systems, Florida, served as engineer of record for all code and engineering requirements for residential solar PV systems. Designed, engineered, and delivered sealed engineering drawing packages for permit approval. Adjudicated and resolved AHJ comments to obtain permit approval. Worked through strict AHJs like the City of Miami, Miami-Dade County, and Orange County.

Served as lead/sole architectural engineer for a tenant fit out for an ice cream shop in Georgia. Prepared architectural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and sprinkler plans for a building permit. Adjudicated code requirements with the AHJ.

Sophia’s Salon, Raleigh, NC, served as prime design professional and generated a permit set of engineering drawings for a tenant fit out in a Raleigh shopping center. Worked with the City of Raleigh plans examiners to get the drawings approved and the construction project approved.

Wicked Cantina Restaurant, Sarasota, FL, provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and life safety design for a complex restaurant renovation project. Delivered permit set drawings for permit approval. Worked closely with the general contractor to develop a coordinated set of drawings.

Architectural (Mechanical) Engineering

CRW Graphics, located in Pennsauken, NJ,

wanted an HVAC system that relied on a cold storage concept to reduce their electrical demand charges during peak (daytime) usage. John P. Stoppi Jr., PE, FPE. (SE, John P. Stoppi Jr., PE) engineered a system that permitted their chiller to cool a thermal storage mechanism during the nighttime that assisted in cooling during the daytime. The project was completed by reverse engineering their existing system, and by selecting new technologies to achieve the desired result.

Electrical Engineering

CDOT Vail Passenger Rest Area Wastewater Treatment Plant, Summit County, CO,

determined electrically hazardous areas per NFPA 70 and NFPA 820. Generated performed based solutions to engineer a safe explosionproof facility, as the prescriptive requirements within the codes were not tenable to achieve. Delivered a letter report with diagrams indicating the electrical requirements for each space.

Fire Protection Engineering

Various Clients, USA,

performed High Piled Combustible Storage Analyses in order to determine warehouse storage requirements with respect to meeting the High Piled Combustible Storage chapter within the International Fire Code, and determining storage sprinkler system designs in accordance with NFPA 13 and NFPA 25 for a change of occupancy, use, for new warehouses.

Various Clients, USA, design sprinkler systems to NFPA 13, 13D, and 13R. Provide sealed engineering drawings, hydraulic calculations, and equipment submittal packages to submit to the AHJ for sprinkler permit approval. Resolve comments and issues with the AHJ to get the permit packages approved.

Various Clients, USA, design fire alarm system to the IBC and NFPA 72. Provide sealed engineering drawings, voltage drop calculations, and battery back up calculations to submit to the AHJ for fire alarm permit approval.

High Trails, Angellus Oaks, CA, designed a site firewater protection system to include a water storage tank, a fire pump, a water supply piping network, and fire hydrants. Performed water supply storage calculations for a rural location. Additionally, designed the sprinkler system for the dining hall of the campus. High Trails was a recreational camp for youth located in the mountains of Southern California.

Various Clients, USA, performed process hazard analyses for proposed cannabis extraction facilities throughout the country to the requirements of Chapter 39 of the 2018 IFC. Obtained streamlined approval for the usage of volatile and nonvolatile extraction solvents, as well as a code analysis of the facilities as a whole considering maximum allowable quantities per control area, electrically hazardous areas, control areas, classification of hazardous materials, certification of equipment, review of third party approved equipment, and general process safety.

Forensic Engineering

Confidential Client, NYC Restaurant,

investigated a restaurant fire in Manhattan in order to determine liability for fire. Evaluated hood systems, exhaust systems, and make up air. Rendered an engineering opinion to counsel. Confidential Client, PA, investigated a water loss associated with the rupture of a connection line to an appliance. Discovered liability was associated the water heater and the general hot water line. Issued an engineering report and shifted liability focus.

Structural Engineering

Residential Structural Evaluation at 632 North 3rd St., Pottsville, PA,

performed a site inspection to determine if the existing structural frame of an abandoned residence was safe for habitation. Issued a remediation report for the house to have save habitation.

Residential Structural Evaluation at 1054 N. 10th St., Reading, PA, performed a site inspection to determine if construction conditions during a renovation project posed a structural hazard to the project. Performed structural calculations and issued a report indicating the remedial measures to have the residence safe and up to the requirements of the IRC.

IHOP, Fair Lawn, NJ, inspected an IHOP restaurant after a fire to determine temporary construction measures to be taken for the building to remain before a full renovation could occur. Inspected the building and issued an engineering report for remediation measures.

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